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This course introduces IT students to basic programming concepts in c++ and other essential programming languages.

Talk about letter sound a.

  • Sound out letter a.trace letter a

This is a course will develop listening, speaking, pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Children will manage the principles of sound, meaning, structure and everyday use of language in order to engage in effective verbal communication and linguistic accomplishment.


  1. Computer terminology
  2. Computer hardware 
  3. Divisions of computer hardware 


How many categories of software are there, and what are they?

There are two (2) main types of software in a computer and these are Systems Software and Applications Software. We will now learn about the general details of these two categories starting with systems software.


What is systems software?

This is the type of software used by the computer to accomplish tasks of general nature. Note the words in bold in the previous sentence. When a computer is in use, computer hardware makes use of software to enable it perform different tasks. These tasks are often contrasted from those performed by the person using the computer. Therefore, systems software is the software which operates the hardware system of the computer. It is the one which really makes a computer to be an automatic machine. Given below are some of the tasks performed by systems software in the computer.

Examples of functions of system software are:

a)      Controlling the internal function of the computer

b)      Controlling devices connected to the CPU

c)      Acting as a platform for applications software  

Note that these functions are quite demanding and cannot be easily performed by a computer user. By using systems software to perform these tasks, the computer is made to be very automatic, efficient and effective.

What makes up systems software?

Systems software consists of two sub categories of software called Operating System and Utilities. These two sub categories will be discussed in detail in the subsequent sections of this module.

Next let’s turn to applications software. What is it, and how is it different from systems software?


This is software in a computer used by people to accomplish specific tasks. Whereas systems software is directed towards the computer hardware in general, applications software is directed towards the user. See arrows on diagram below.

Applications software


Systems software




This course will educate learners on how the BANTU peole migrated. 

This course enhances understanding of physics and laws of physics.

 It will he'll you broaden your understanding of physics and help you prepare for your exams at the end of the year.

Focus is on natural resources.

It is focused on learning how to write a letter.

Various topics that might enrich an elementary school mathematics program, including ,trigonometry, probability and statistics, the integers, rational and real numbers, clock arithmetic, diophantine equations, geometry and transformations, the metric system, relations and functions.

how to teach the Human body under the subtopic digestive system

This course is designed for student teachers with no prior programming experience in C++. It introduces them to fundamental concepts of structured programming, and provides a comprehensive introduction to programming necessary for them to both code and teach. Topics include software development methodology, data types, control structures, functions, arrays, and the procedure of running, testing, and debugging.

This will focus on 

1. What is first aid

2. Importance of first aid

3.first aid box and it's content

4. Who to apply first aid

PHYS 301
Classical Mechanics
A detailed analytical treatment of Newtonian mechanics. Lagrange’s and Hamilton's equations are developed and applied to the analysis of motion governed by several exemplary force laws. The general problem of motion under the influence of a central force is formulated and applied to problems of planetary motion and to Rutherford scattering of particles. Other topics to be treated include the dynamics of rigid bodies, oscillations of systems of masses connected by springs and elements of the mechanics of continuous media such as fluids. (NAT)
Prerequisite: C- or better in Physics 231 and either Mathematics 231 or 234.

This course is designed to equip learners with the knowledge, skills and values on the use, handling and benefits of the computers to humankind.

this course is based on basic accounting

how to teach place values to a grade 4 class

introduction of place values

 This course is based on Design and Technology Studies year 1, Diploma Course. The whole essence of this course is to impart necessary skills, ideas and above all knowledge which in return can or will help students to survive in the localities or societies live in  

In this topic, square and square roots of whole numbers will be discused

This lesson will deal with words and meaning.

This is a course based on  the four Literacy skills. The four Literacy skills are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.



This course is designed to enable trainee teachers acquire and develop knowledge, skills and values in the application of Entrepreneurship in education which will increase their productivity prospects in society. It is hoped also, that through their creativity, the trainee teachers would begin to initiate development of entrepreneurial mind-set, attitudes and skills in their learners through plays, game and songs.


To train and develop a teacher with adequate knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship, who will be able to transfer knowledge and skills to young learners using a variety of approaches and strategies.


1.         Demonstrate understanding of entrepreneurial concepts

2.         Build positive attitude towards entrepreneurship

3.         Demonstrate Personal Entrepreneurial Competences (PECs)

4.         Formulate and implement business plans

5.         Acquire entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and values required to explore business opportunities in the local communities.

6.         Demonstrate understanding of legal requirements when it comes to doing business in Zambia.


1.         Demonstrate understanding of the processes involved in entrepreneurship.

2.         Demonstrate the ability to apply entrepreneurial skills.

3.         Demonstrate the ability to integrate in entrepreneurship activities in societies

nutrition is the science that interprets the nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance,growth,reproduction,health and disease of an organism.

Literature in English is a course preparing students who are in linguistics,English language and applicable programs in order to prepare them for other composition courses and a lot of scholarly work that demand critical thinking. It focuses on work that includes novels, short stories, poems and drama; These are used to assess the learner's grasp in Literary terms and figurative expressions. They have been selected for literary quality, interest, and for their place in the historical development of literature. Additionally, presentations of performance art will be conducted. 


The background of this course is to introduce learners to a study of ways in which psychological knowledge can be applied to the teaching and learning process.

Leadership is the ability to influence followers. Leadership should be distributed evenly. 

This course deals with the output devices that produces harcopies

  1. The course provide equal opportunity for all students to be able to equip themselves with knowledge and skills

This course will demonstrate activities to keep environment safe and clean

This lesson will look at multiplying single digit numbers by 2

In this course, students will be exposed to the concept of geometry. Geometry is the branch of matheatics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogues. We live in a three-dimensional world which requires us to to learn the vocabulary with which we can talk about the space that we ocupy and the properties that this space has. in particular, we need to know about shapes as part of our everyday vocabulary. Beyond that, positioning is an important aspect of our world. this is adressed by the concepts of geometry.  

This course will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to understand the underpinnings of current computer technology and prepare them for emerging technologies. 

A foundation in this discipline will introduce learners to the excitement and opportunities afforded by this dynamic field and will begin to prepare them for a range of rewarding careers.

This topic will look at multiplication of single digit numbers by 2

This course explains what learning outcomes are and also how they impact knowledge and skills acquisition.  It gives examples of how learning outcomes should be stated.

This is a course that is meant to equip trainee teachers with learner centered strategies and methodologies of teaching mathematics.

This course will expose you to the four  language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course will first of all expose you to library skills as well as academic writing skills.

This course introduces the concept of internet of things, its relevance and the characteristics it possesses. 

Any damage to a computer's hardware or software can cause the computer to stop working. It can then be very expensive to fix the computer, or to buy a new computer

This course of database models include the network, relational and object oriented models and the examination of such practical issues as database setup, design, as well as manipulation. Other selected topics include database administration, data integrity, data security, backup and recovery procedures, etc. Several programming projects are assigned involving the use of a database management system.

Languages with its relationship to ICT

This course will help learners to identify and blend consonants and will also help learners formulate sentences.

This course covers the teaching methods in Physical Education.

In this course our aim is to help learners acquire their reading and writing skills along side their letter and sound knowledge in readiness for grade one. 

This course will focus on basics of html programming. 

This course discusses religion as an aspect that is lived, a matter of faith, being centred in concrete actions, feelings and decisions. Religion brings meaning into human life and guide us to understand the reality of God.

Introduction : There is growing recogntion that the ability to use information communication technology is now a fundamental for the society in which live in. Hence the government has introduced it as a subject.  In this course we discuss different devices used information communication technology.



in this lesson you are required to read and understand the meaning of the term commerce, trade and identify the commercial activities and their relevance in trade. you also required to write an the assignment.


  1. Define the term commerce
  2. Discuss the commercial activities and state their functions.


There are nine planets in out solar system orbit around the sun.

  1.  Mercury: - has the shortest year. It has 88 days long.
  2. Venus:- spins the slowest. It takes 243 days to spin around once.
  3. Earth:- supports life for plants and animals.
  4. Mars:- has less gravity than Earth. A 50kg  person would weigh about 20kg on Mars.
  5. Jupiter:- is the largest planet. It is  10 times bigger than the Earth 🌎.
  6. Saturn:- has seven rings. It also has the most moons -23
  7. Uranus:- has the rings -15.
  8. Neptune:- is the coldest planet.
  9. Pluto:- is the smallest planet and the farthest from the sun.

This is a course in English for Grade 9 and it is going to enhance the grammatical skills in learners to help them improve their efficacy in the language.

All living organisms are made of tiny units of life called cells. We can compare cells to bricks or blocks that are used to make buildings. In the same way cells make the bodies of all living organisms. Different types of cells are joined together to form specific parts of the plant. the different kinds of cells found in plants are called plant cells.

This is a course in integrated science grade 6 that will look at term one topics .learners will be reading text extract, watch a short video and attempt an exercise or quiz before progressing to the next topic.

Computer architecture is a set of rules and methods that describe the functionality, organization, and implementation of computer systems. Some definitions of architecture define it as describing the capabilities and programming model of a computer but not a particular implementation. this course is going to focus on computer memory which refers to devices that are used to store information for immediate use in a computer or related computer hardware device. computer memory typically refers to semiconductor memory, specifically metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) memory.

This subject will impart skills on how to effectively start,run and manage business operations. 

This lesson will look at some of the steps to carry when simplifying algebraic expressions.

Introduction  -    This course introduces the student to an area of study that brings together and interrelates the important elements of the physical environment of humans. Students will explore the Earth’s physical systems with an emphasis on weather and climate, water, ecosystems, geologic processes and landform development

A chart is a tool you can use in Excel to communicate data graphically. 

Charts allow your audience to see the meaning behind the numbers, and they make showing comparisons and trends much easier. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to insert charts and modify them so they communicate information effectively.

This subject will help pupils to have an understanding of business ideas at the end of it and impact pupils with knowledge on how to run a successful business after completing school.

This topic deals with systems of bookkeeping and accounting.

Identify the elements of weather

Discuss the different instruments used to study weather

Draw  diagrams showing the instruments using computer tools  like shapes 

Demostrate skills of computer literacy by researching 

  • To be instrumental & provide needed guidance for the learners to benefit and learn: Rose Yamboto

This course explains what commerce is and the aid to trade that a trader can engage in when doing business.

This is one of the fundamental courses in Civic Education. It creates a clearer understanding of the general principles of the supreme law of the land. This  essentially brings peace and tranquility, social justice and harmony to the general citizenry.